In Latvia by Women’s NGOs Cooperation Network of Latvia

Participants: Anna Lindh Foundation network and Women’s NGOs Cooperation Network representatives

Duration: 1 day (6 hours including lunch break)


First session

  • Introduction of the project, partners and funder, the programme of the day, aims of the trainers
  • Welcome circle and introduction to work with dolls for education, training and therapy purposes
  • Puppet making
  • Personalization of puppets – individual work
  • Animation skills – learning how to give a life to a puppet
  • Presentations of participants – using new skills and knowledge
  • Gathering experiences – time for questions and conversations

Second session

  • Find and play with objects
  • Objects as obstacles for dolls – story characters – introduction to creating a visual story
  • Creating a story – adding new elements to the story
  • Presentations by participants – discovering the power of sharing a story
  • Gathering experiences – time for questions and conversations

Third session

  • Examples of successful use of puppet art in social theater and education projects (presentation of video materials with comments and analysis)
  • Discussions about the method in small groups
  • Working group reports and conclusion of the discussion

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