In Lithuania by Youth Centre Babilonas

Participants:  all women – adult educators (11 participants + 3 trainers: one of them should be more aware of technical zoom management)

Duration: 2 days (2 x 4 hours with one break in the middle)



  • Short presentation of trainers and of the program.
  • Participants introduce themselves: Which of your childhood toy do you remember the best and what kind of relationship did you have with it?
  • Making a puppet: instruction, questions. Decorating (optional) the puppet to give it character.
  • Reflection: How did you feel?
  • “Chat”with a puppet: Each participant stays with their own puppet asking: who are you?
  • Puppet’s introduction (one puppet on the screen): The puppet “asks”who am I? Comments from other participants, then – the author of the puppet.
  • Presentation of puppet animation technique and tips by the trainers.
  • Participants are asked to create a simple etude with the puppet. It could be: the morning ritual, the gym workout, or other.
  • Reflection
  • Homework: To bring for the next workshop any small object to be used for the puppet performance.


  • Warm-up: Each puppet greets the group in a creative way using animation techniques.
  • Preparing short stories with the puppets using the selected item
  • Creating stories in the groups: Participants in the groups are invited to create a common story which could be based on previously created individual stories.
  • Presentation of the stories: Each group presents their story. Other participants comment, telling what they have seen, what they have understood.
  • Reflection after presentations: Showing a video expanding the field of possibilities to act with the puppets
  • Possible opportunities to use the method in the future.
  • Final reflection after the workshop