In Estonia by Mondo 

Participants: NGO workers (3)

Duration: 2 days (2 x 2.5 hours, no breaks)

Programme (as a training of trainers)::


  • Introduction round
  • “Create your own puppet”:
  1. The trainer showed step by step how to craft the puppet with the simple material.
  2. The trainer invited participants to look for and add personal elements to the puppets (clothes, accessories)
  • Reflection: the trainer invited participants to talk about their puppet, why they craft it this way, who is the puppet for them.
  • Animation:
  1. The trainers ask the participants to familiarize themselves with their puppets, moving it around, and doing some actions.
  2. After the participants feel like they can move freely with their puppets, they given 10-15 minutes to prepare a small sketch, showing the morning ritual of their puppet.
  3. The participants then watch each other’s sketches, then all together take time to reflect and discuss the feelings the sketches gave us and hear the author’s input.
  4. We do a few more little sketches (e.g. the puppet doing something they have to do every day, or the puppet doing some kind of “work”)
  • Homework: We end the session with some discussion and an assignment for the next day: The puppet’s best day”.


  • Viewing of the sketches: We start the session by seeing the sketches prepared by each of the participants. followed by discussion and feedback.
  • Puppet videos: We take time to watch some other puppet videos, from other groups from other workshops, adding analytical feedback as to what we liked and what we didn’t and what could be used by us.
  • Brainstorming session: All the participants think of ways this workshop could be used in their field of work with their target groups. This is a brainstorming session where, if the group is very large, we could have break out rooms and then come together and hear from each of the groups what they came up with. If the number of participants is small enough, there will be no need for break out rooms.
  • Reflection: As the session comes to an end, we share with each other how useful or not the workshop was, and maybe bring out some of the things that we think could be better and the things we enjoyed most.