About the Project


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-governmental organizations (NGO) sector is facing the challenges of increasing demand for services while simultaneously experiencing decreased access to finances, fatigue, and depression of the staff and volunteers. Based on a previous Erasmus+ project called “Create a Puppet, Create Yourself” carried out by a partnership of Youth Centre Babilonas and initiated by Women’s NGOs Cooperation Network of Latvia, the four Anna Lindh Foundation Heads of National Networks of Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania elaborated the PUPARTE project to develop and promote a non-formal online adult education method to be used in NGOs and with their staff and their clients to empower the overworked and depressed. 

In the long term, PUPARTE aims to contribute towards the wider application of innovative adult education methods that can address educational, communication, social inclusion and other challenges faced by the target groups within the partners’ networks (women in need of assistance, refugees, young people at risk amongst others), motivate them to uptake the method developed, and provide them with digital resources and support.

Main Activities


Develop a non-formal online education method incorporating puppetry art.


Train NGO trainers in new skill sets, build the capacities of civil society organizations across the Nordic-Baltic region through online training sessions led by experts in the developed method.


Creation of a network of experts in adult education in and outside the Nordic-Baltic region that can benefit from the application of the new online education method.


1 team of NGO activists/experts/trainers through Nordic-Baltic countries trained in puppet methodology, establishing a supportive network that will lead training with different risk groups in the future in four countries.


At least 3 people per country in 4 partner organizations will have improved their non-formal education skills and strengthened their knowledge about new technologies in adult education.


4 national online pieces of training organized in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to provide adult education programs following new approaches for social inclusion and team building by the use of art and digital tools.


Built knowledge and risen awareness of the method in national and international networks in Nordic, Baltic, EU, EAA, and neighboring countries.


An Intellectual Output that will organize the good practices of training and the experience tested in a digital context to be used for further development of adult education in the countries concerned.


A free and supportive website with the resources used during the implementation of the project as material available for experts and organizations interested in the methodology once the project is ended.