In Denmark by Crossing Borders

Participants: Women NGO staff working with youth and asylum seekers (7)

Duration: 2 days (2 x 3 hours with one break in the middle)

Programme (as a training of trainers):


  • Create your own puppet:
  1. The trainer showed step by step how to craft the puppet with the simple material
  2. Break: The trainer invited participants to look for and add personal elements to the puppets (clothes, accessories)
  3. Reflection: the trainer invited participants to talk about their puppet, why did they craft it this way, who is the puppet for them.
  • Give your puppet a life and personal character:
  1. The trainer asked participants to show what the puppets likes to do in the morning
  2. Reflection: participants were invited to


  • Visual storytelling: Discover the power of sharing your own story
  1. Participants were asked to animate the puppet to show a simple story incorporating one object.
  2. Reflection: how easy was it to create a story? Why this story?
  3. Participants were asked to create another story incorporating 3 objects: one good, one bad, one neutral.
  4. 2nd reflection: how easy was it to create a story? Why this story?
  5. Participants were asked to animate the puppet showing the scene that would lead to their previous story
  6. Reflection and round of questions about the process
  • Puppetry Art: How to use it with the people you work with?
  1. Round of Q&A from the participants to the trainers about the considerations to have when using this method with vulnerable people, the questions to ask, the skills to have.
  2. Examples of exercises to do with asylum seekers and young people

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